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CNC Router Sculptor: threat or benefit to the realist sculptor?

The exclusivity of realist sculptors can now go back into the discourse. The theory of 'innate' to describe the expertise and talent owned by realist sculptor which had long endured, now began to bias. Sculptor 3D CNC Router is the cause. Advances in technology have almost close to human reasoning. Its influence has been entered into all areas of human life. The impact of technology also comes into the world of art. The combination of drawing skills, robotic technology and computer software has presented robot sculptor, which can replace the human role in creating ornaments and figurative forms that have become the domain of the artist with a special talent. The forms of inlay and realist sculptures even now can be done by machine with a matter of minutes. Portrait sculptures have been completed less than 1 hour. Electricity replaced the mood of artists. A series of commands typed in keyboard could replace the hard work of a realist sculptor. Steel knife and laser cutting moves automatically creates forms that have been designed on a computer. Although, 3D CNC Router is still a prototype but soon this sculpting robot will start a revolution in art, especially in sculpture and its derivative products. As happened in other technology invention, this ‘hi-tech artist’ tool will be produced massively. The usage of this machine artist will be made in easy to operate and its price could reach the market easily. Then, no more distinctive sound when chisel steel collide with wood. No more long-haired artist smeared clay or play dough. Then where and how is the position of a realist sculptor in the future? An artist is a person who was given 'special gift' which has a high sensitivity to the things around him and was able to transform her/his feelings into something beautiful, meaningful and harmonious. It means an artist is a creator. As in other areas of creation, the art creation - whether it was commercial project base or works of idealistic have always had two major stages to go through; the level of ideas and the process of visualization. At the level of idea, the intellectual sensitivity or ‘feeling’ of the artist plays a role to form a very exclusive idea. This idea which became the basic concept of a creation cannot be replaced with anything. It is very subjective. Finally, realizing the idea of art is a major task of an artist. Without visualization there is no artist. In this stage, the art skills and abilities play a role. An independent artist would do it himself, of course with tools called the talent, knowledge, technology and skills that irreplaceable. In some cases, an artist gives partial or full implementation of the visualization process, commonly referred to as a project, to the art worker under her / his supervision. Yet, the artist remains the main actor, as well as director. Those two things are still controlled by artists as human being. In relation to the robot sculptor, here the red line can be drawn to explain this phenomenon. Robots can be used in the visualization phase of the artist's ideas. Let the robot that makes a work of art (sculpture) in the form of global rough. The artist who still responsible putting the final touches so that the work of art to be 'alive'. To respond a creation of technology whether would eventually be a threat or a beneficial tool that would ease the task of the process of creation for an artist, who concerned themselves who must take action and to measure. The new technology will not stop to be invented. The work of the artists also will always be created. Artists should familiarize them with the technology or just move away and crushed by the technological progress itself. Now, it is time for artists to make this moment as a starting point for creating works for the benefit of another human being through the use of technology. It's already out that an artist still stammered in technology. It's time for artists to be artists-tech.
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